ELSTABO  Fine art and Illustrations


Frequent asked question: Can I make a painting from a photo? The answer is YES, if the client has a good qualilty photo. If not I can shoot the photo reference myself.


ELSTABO is a product of Brooklyn New York. His professional career was realized when he saw one of his designs displayed on a highway bill board. His Talents have been utilized through out the Commercial and Fashion industries. Designing anything between CD covers to childrens seasonal clothing.
The Fashion Institute of Technology was where he acquired his BFA, and shortly after he dived into the Fine arts field. Showing in such places like CBGB Art Gallery to Art at Large (Pet Silvas) Erotic art gallery. In 2006 he moved to Northern Virginia where he balanced a Fine Arts and Commercial art career. He has affiliated himself with such places like ArtWhino located in Maryland's National Harbor. Recent published works can be found in Aphrodisia: Art of the Female Form book Aristata Publishing, The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" by Erotic Signature and his " Elstabo's Spanish Fly series" on Blurb.com Today Elstabo resides back in New York where he continues to do his art and also has been an active art teacher.


As an artist, balancing myself between a commercial and fine arts seesaw has been my main job. Growing up my influences came from many places, such as cartoons, comic books to graffiti art. I like working on various jobs from different genres, this keeps my creative juices always working. Erotica also plays a major role in my art which seems to finds its way in most things I create. I do like the challenge of coming up with ways of story telling through my art, so new and different commissions are always welcomed.

Commission art work:
I do take commission work depending on my schedule, fees are estimated depending on the project. Most of the art work on my site is available for purchase. Inquires can be made to ELSTABO


Oct 1st. 16 Tounge Tide @ the Imperial Loft. NewYork NY
Sep24th 16. CHAMBERS-A Night Of All Things Wu-Tang @Blindwhino. Washington DC
Jul2nd 16. AN EYE ON ART@ ART KARTEL. Brooklyn NY
May 19th 16. Artundressed2016@eminet Domain. Miami FL.
Feb 20th 16. Create and Destroy @ ArtWHino. Washington DC.
Feb 14th 16. Dirty show 17 @ Russel industries center. Detriot MI.
Dec 12th 15. May the ART be with you: A tribute to a galaxy far,far away @ Studio Sohy. Hyattsvile MD.
Dec 5th. Hollywood babylon art show @ Rick Millers Surf club. Los Angeles CA.
Sept 24th. Hotsy totsy @ Cafe de la Esquina. Brooklyn NY.
Sept 12th 15. G40 Summit @ Art Whino . Washington DC.
Sept 11th 15. Solo art show @ Sev lounge. Brooklyn NY.
Sept 9th 15. Happiness @ merseles studio . Jersey city NJ.
June 5rd 15. Hole in the sky collective. Washington DC.
Apr 25th 15. We are doomed @ Art whino . washington D.C.
Apr 18th 15. The erotic show @ Surfclub gallery. Los angeles CA
Apr 18th 15. Decked out @ Black bear bar. Brooklyn NY
Mar 27th 15. Cherry blast @ Artwhino. washington D.C.
Feb 12th 15. International erotic art exhibit @ Dirty show . Detriot MI
Nov 20th 14. Art Undressed @ McCormick place. Miami FL
Sept 6th 14. Press start @ Rebelution ink. Brooklyn NY
May 31st 14. Art decko presents artists on boards @ Refuge Portland, OR
Feb 7th 14. Dirty show 15. Detriot MI
Nov 7th 13. 60th the collection @ Rebar. Brooklyn NY
Jun 8th 13. Urban decay 4 @ Work House. Lorton VA
May 18th 13. Kustom Kulture art show @ 423 west Gallery. Los angeles CA
Apr 25th 13. (Muse presents) Sea dogs and Land lovers @ Village Lantern. New York NY
Apr 13th 13. Dirty show chicago @ 1621 N. Kedzie blv. Chicago LA
Mar 30th 13. Tease to Please @ Rebelution ink. Brooklyn NY
Mar 27th 13. Count down to Yuri Night @ Artisphere. Arlington VA
Jan 19th 13. OXHEART & The Gowanus Circus (CANVAS, art for all ages) Brooklyn NY
Oct 5th 12. solo show/book release @ Pons shop. Fredericksburg VA
Sept 22nd 12. Cori Dial's Zombie pinup Calender realease @ horseshoes & handgrenade. Fredericksburg VA
Aug 31st 12. Arterotica season IV @ Vanderbilt Republic. Brooklyn NY
Jul 14th 12. Vexed @ 423 West gallery. Los angeles CA
Jul 6th 12. New kids on the block@ horsehoes & handgrenade. Fredericksburg VA
Jun 2nd 12. Urban decay 3 @ Work House. Lorton VA
Apr 6th 12. G40 art summit @ Artwhino. Richmond VA
Apr 5th 12. Count down to Yuri Night @ Artisphere. Arlington VA
Mar 3rd 12. Indelible art exhibit @ Ponshop. Fredericksburg VA
Mar 2nd 12. Erotic art exhibition @ Feelmore510. Oakland CA
Feb 11th 12. Fetish Valentine IV @ Art&Soul Studios. Allentown PA
Feb 10th 12. Fruits to nuts @ Gallery 1448 Baltimore MD
Oct 26th 11. Arterotica @ Madam x. New York NY
Oct 6th 11. 2nd Annual erotic art show @ Gallery788. Baltimore MD
Jun 14th 11. Celebration of Hispanic art (USHCC) @ Mayflower Renaissance Hotel. Washington DC
Jun 4th 11. Lorton VA Urban Decay @ Work House art center. Lorton VA
May 19th 11. G40 II (Artwhino) @ 14th street NW. Washington DC
Apr 9th 11. Yuri Night @ Artisphere. Rossyln VA
Feb 26th 11. LIve fast @ Patriot Harley-Davidson. Fairfax VA
Feb 11th 11. Point of view @ Gallery 1448. Baltimor MD
Jan 7th 11. Project Reach @ Project Reach. New York NY
Dec 18th 10. Inked souls @ Art whino gllery. National Harbor MD
Oct 28th 10. Damned III @ Tangent gallery. Detriot MI
Sept 20th 10. 1st Erotic Art show @ Gallery 788. Baltimore MD
Sept 10th 10. BEAUTIFUL MINDS Art Exhibit @ The YARDS PARK Grand Opening Weekend Celebration. DC
Apr 10th 10. Yuri's Night @ The Capitol Skyline Hotel. Washington. DC
Mar 26th 10. Rochester Erotic art festival @ Rochester. NY
Mar 1st 10. G40 the Summit @ Crystal city. Arlington VA
Jan 29th 10. Busted in 2 cities @ Gallery Bar. New York NY
Nov 13th 09. Slithery tale (solo show) @ Allenhester estate. New York NY
Oct 25th 09. Dirty Show 10 @ Warehouse. MI
Jun 6th 09. Legion of Super Latinas (solo show) @ Camaradas el Barrio. New York NY
Apr 11th 09. Yuris Night @ Warehouse. DC
Oct 11th 08. Voces de la Tierra Art event (benefit for Hispanic Heritage Foundation) @ Artery 717. VA
Sep. 19th-21st 08. Artwhino @ "Washington DC international arts expo". Washington DC
May 2th-4th 08. "Art undressed" Miami. FL (touring)
Dec 24th 07. "Artist collaberation" @ "Artwhino.com". VA
May 18th 07. "Artrotica VII " @ "The Crucible". Washington DC
Mar 2nd 07. "Erotic Art show" @ MOCA DC Gallery. Washington DC
Jun 15th 06. "Going Underground" @ Art at Large Gallery. New York NY
Apr 28th 06. "More Explanation" @ 6308 merle place. Fairfax VA
Dec 1st 05. Antogonist Movement @ Niagara Lounge. New York NY
Jun 6th 05. Sub Culture City @ CB 313 Gallery. New York NY
May 5th 05. The Night Block @ Dusk Lounge. New York NY
Apr 16th 05. IMPACT 2005 @ Asian Fusion GAllery. New York NY